Kirkwood/TAMBA race and volunteers needed!

This pint glass is for volunteers and the top 3 winners in Super D!

What: Kirkwood Mountain Classic XC & Super D race

Where:Kirkwood Ski Resort

When: Saturday July 30th

The Kirkwood Mountain Classic Cross Country and Super-D is this Saturday.  Online reg is open until Wednesday night.

All proceeds from this race are going to TAMBA! This is our biggest fundraiser yet. Huge thanks to the crew at Kirkwood for their help and support!

Don’t feel like racing?  We need volunteers, too!  I need two course marshals for all day, two registration folks, someone to staff the T-shirt booth, lunch helpers, extra eyes at the finish line and a course sweeper.  As a volunteer, you get a T-shirt, lunch and a very special limited production TAMBA pint glass.  Contact to volunteer and the glass might even come full.

Corral Trail Design Update

Designing Corral Trail for future rippers

Designing Corral Trail for future rippers

About a half dozen riders met with members of the Forest Service and their trail design consultant Hilride this past Sunday. The 30% conceptual plan for improvements was unveiled and reviewed. Alignments and features were measured and flagged out in order to reach a consensus on what will be included in the final design. Stay tuned for more info and upcoming opportunities to give your input. Then hopefully this Fall we’ll be able to start building!

Hilride at Corral Trail

Hilride will be back in Tahoe this Sunday July 24th to present their preliminary design drawings for lower Corral Trail. They have taken the ideas generated during last month’s all day session and put them down on paper. Please show up to give your input. This is a two part day starting at 9am at the Forest Service Building on College Drive to review the plans and view some photos and video from the June site visit. Following that later in the morning we’ll be at Corral Trail to discuss how the plans will look on the ground and start to flag out the new features and alignments. Even if you can not make the whole day and you are out riding, please stop to see what is going on and ask some questions.

Again, this is another great opportunity for mountain bikers to have a say on the design of trails in Tahoe.

Armstrong Connector Trail Work Day was a success

TAMBA trail day volunteers

We had 29 TAMBA volunteers contribute about 150 hours of labor this past Saturday. The projects we worked on included banking and stone armoring two of the upper flat turns, armoring a seasonal creek crossing, and also closing some wide lines while fixing the flow on the main lines of the trail. Generous support was given by Sprouts with huge sandwiches and bag lunches and Tahoe Trail bars. There was also a free post work beer-b-q for everyone. Huge thanks to the LTBMU USFS for supporting the work day and also having 4 crew leaders present and providing all necessary tools and equipment. Allowing mountain bikers to work on the trails we ride is an amazing opportunity, so please mark your calendars for our next trail work day on August 20th, which will probably be on Toads.

Tahoe Today TV interview

Watch the Tahoe Today TV interview with Tamba and USFS. Discussions include the July 16 Trail Day, and future projects